Cuisine market

Cuisine marketThis is the self-choice food market, which is built from the demand of the people who came to the night market. It is crowded like the brocade market with boiled sweet potatoes, roasted meat, fried fishes, etc. I chose a grilled sticky rice from a stall with the price of 1,000 kip (about 0.75 dollar). Beside the familiar rice and foods, Western visitors try O Lam – the specialty of Laos, and they praise it nicely. O Lam is the buffalo or chicken cooked with sa khan tree which has nice smell of mint.

There is also another specialty of Laos called khayphen which is the moss taken from midde of Mekong river. They are fried, grilled to take with Laos Beer. That was nice and cheap.

Visitors from America, Germany, Japan, Thailand, China, etc flied to Luang Phrabang, after enjoying royal palace and ancient pagoda of Xieng Thoong would buy the brocade, which are sold in every streets. “But it couldn’t create the deep environment of traveling” said the head of Luang Phrabang – Mr Bun Huong. Therefore, he decided to establish “talat changkhung” (the market) which attracts the foreign visitors to Laos from 100,000 participations in 2003 to 160,000 participations in 2005. According to Mr. Bun Huong, although Laos has moved to rainy season, there are still three flights a day from Vientiane (mainly Europe visitors), one filght a day from Thailand, and one flight every seven days from China. That helps Luang Phrabang to collect 270,280,000 kip in services.

HE also said that the international airport would be upgraded to catch the regional standard for the target of 500 million kip a year. And among them, “talat changkun” would be the main attraction.

(Source: tuoitre article)

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