Brocade market

Brocade marketSince 4p.m, Mong women were hurried with the heavy papoose on their shoulders come to the market from Pha Nom or Boxieng villages in the mountains. The stalls are settled neat and clean. They are place in the straight line in the middle of the road. Visitors would come here and enjoy a night market of Laos.

Every stall has bed sheet, table sheet, clothes, wallets, bags and scarfs, which are made from brocade. There is an also traditional picture of daily life with kids on the buffalo back, water festival, etc. In the range of brocade, there is small sticky rice, fish, bamboo flute, horse toy, which are nice cultural toy for the children. Beside the umbrella stall, there is a lantern in different size and carving which are handmade.

Mr. Nguyen Ho, oversea Vietnamese from Ho Chi Minh City said that all were the traditional handicraft products of Boxieng people, which is about 4km from here. They were expert of carving swords and hats for kings and officials in the past.

Along with Phanom village, Boxieng village has many craftsman in embroidery since before 1975. Therefore, the products of them are not only to sell, but also to express their talent to the visitors.

The streets begin to light on at 6 p.m. Each of Western visitors comes in making the market crowded at a moment. What made me surpised is that the little 10-year-old girl could sell the products as good as the adult. When the bargain is finish, she quickly used the calculator to exchange from US dollars to Laos Kip.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ho, those are the girls of Hmong women come to this market to let their mother stay at home preparing for the next market. There are also elderly come to sell things while their hands non-stop makes the product.

(Source: Tuoitre Article)

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