Laos Architect Style

Laos Architect StyleThrough the length of 2/3 of the country from the central to the north part, from Savannakhet province to Vientiane capital city and Luang Phrabang imperial city, every pagoda, temple, office, and house are all have unique style. They are like the traditional dance of Lamwong, which is revealed, from the hands of the female dancer.

The roof often has many surfaces and many leaning parts which is the typical feature aand being focused on the most. Laotian often concern carefully about the head, this could be related to the connection between the custom of “avoid touching other’s head”. There is the massage service in Laos, but there is not the part of doing the head. Some hotels also do not have the comb or shampoo.

The materials used in covering the roofs are often fish scales tiles, zinc corrugated iron, small fibro cement with various colors, thatch, neohouzeaua or ironwood that is cut into fish scales styles. The normal houses in Laos often has one ground floor and one first floor, therefore the house looks tiny and its roof is easy to create the layers and surfaces.

There are many mountains in Laos, so the house on stilts is used for long time. People still use the ground floor to be the garage or the stores. The main living area is in the first floor.

New style of house in Laos still has the figure of house on stilts, but there are some changes to fit the modern lives especially the houses in urban area. However, the roof is still gliding since it is still.

Laotian does not build the plain roof, single roof or round roof in their hobby, but they seem to have the unanimity from the urban to rural areas, that all the roofs are in the same motif. The popular type is leaning down that makes the interior spaces more lively and easy to separate the functional spaces.

The house has many roofs would express its owner’s level of class. And most of the houses in Laos do not have the even number of layers, but all are the odd numbers from 3 -5 -7 leaning surfaces, though the Laos architects are much.

(Source: SG tiep thi article)

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