Vat Phou Architecture

Vat Phou ArchitectureThe Vat Phou Temple Complex and surrounding Champasak Heritage Landscape in located 500km south of Vientiane of the right bank of the Mekong River in Champasak Province. Vat Phou is an excellent example of early and classic Khmer Architecture (What Phu Champasak is in southern Laos, but it was built by the ancient Khmer (Cambodians) during their great empire of 802-1432 AD. This one probably dates to around 1100 AD. It was a Hindu temple, as the Khmer were Hindu until sometime around the late 1200′s when Buddhism came to dominate). At the foot of Vat Phou is the Ancient City of Shestupura first settled in the 5th century AD and believed to be the oldest urban settlement in Southeast Asia. Besides the main Vat Phou Temple Complex, there are many lesser known ancient archeological sites and natural areas nearby that can take some time to adequately explore. The quiet town of Champasak, gateway to Vat Phou, is accessible via a short car or bus ride from Pakse. From Pakse there is also regular boat service on the Mekong to Champasak –the trip takes about 2-3 hours.

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