Street Foods in Luang Prabang

If you are in Luang Prabang, Laos, you should try the vendors who sells food along the small alley on the south end of the night market from 6-10 p.m every night. It was basically  all you can eat street food. It was basically all you can eat street food. Every evening in Luang Prabang, Sisavangvong Street is closed down to traffic and becomes a night market. But the very best part of the market are the street food vendors tucked into a narrow alley at the end of the market. Tables covered with silver bowls containing Lao delicacies stretch for blocks and vendors do their best to rope customers in.

Street Foods in Luang Prabang

Grilled Fish and More - street food - Luang Prabang

There are neither McDonald’s restaurants nor any multi-national fast food outlets in Luang Prabang – or Laos.

The restaurants could be found along Sisavangvong Road and the roads along the Mekong and Nam Khan. Food runs the line from standard Southeast Asian backpacker fare to more traditional Lao dishes, including buffalo sausage right up to very high quality French cuisine. There are also numerous market stalls for cheaper food, including baguettes, crepes, and pancakes. Stalls along an alleyway between the night market end of Sisavangvong Road and the Mekong offers superb Lao street food at bargain prices.

Do not pay more than 10k for a large Beerlao or 8k for the small dark lager version – pretty much standard throughout the country. Most riverside places offer the same prices for beer and generally the same foods. Prices of food can vary wildly, though. Shop around and don’t be shy about asking prices directly if anything is unclear.

It is mostly recommended that the proper dish to eat is the Lao version of fried spring roll – in vege at 3,000 kips or pork at 5,000 kips per piece.

Local specialties include:

  • French baguettes and other bakery items. Extremely well done here.
  • Local watercress which is very peppery.
  • Fried dried seaweed with sesame seeds dipped in a chili sauce.
  • Buffalo steaks and sausages.
  • Luang Prabang Khao Soi – spicy clear mince and noodle soup which is very different from the Chiang Mai version


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