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Street Foods in Luang Prabang Laos Culture

Street Foods in Luang Prabang

If you are in Luang Prabang, Laos, you should try the vendors who sells food along the small alley on the south end of the night market from 6-10 p.m every night. It was basically  all you can eat street food. It was basically all you can eat street food. Every evening in Luang Prabang, [...]
Festivals in Luang Prabang Laos Culture

Festivals in Luang Prabang

In Luang Prabang, the ritual cycle is dominated by Thervada Buddhist customs and traditions, integrated with tributes paid  to the animistic spirits (Phi) of the land and water. Because it is the traditional center of the region in Laos and the seat of the former royal family, annual festival (“Boun”) are often organized on a [...]
Luang Prabangs Impressive Architecture Laos Culture

Luang Prabangs Impressive Architecture

The town of Luang Prabang has formed around the 33 ornate Wats and colonial architecture. The entire town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As a result, much of Luang Prabangs impressive architecture has been restored painstakingly to show its dramatical beauty. The temple architecture in Luang Prabang mixes both southern [...]
Vat Phou Architecture Laos Culture

Vat Phou Architecture

The Vat Phou Temple Complex and surrounding Champasak Heritage Landscape in located 500km south of Vientiane of the right bank of the Mekong River in Champasak Province. Vat Phou is an excellent example of early and classic Khmer Architecture (What Phu Champasak is in southern Laos, but it was built by the ancient Khmer (Cambodians) [...]
Luang Prabang Architecture Laos Culture

Luang Prabang Architecture

The Ancient Town of Luang Prabang in the center of northern Laos has been described as one of the most charming and best preserved towns in Southeast Asia. There are 34 Buddhist temples among colonial and Chinese architecture, all set in a backdrop of lush green mountains. The mighty  Mekong River frames the town’s western [...]
Phou Asa – The unique architect of Laos Laos Culture

Phou Asa – The unique architect of Laos

Phou Asa is considered the unique feature of southern part in Laos. Its style is building like the giant mushroom rising up to the sky. This unique type of architect is available in Kiet Ngong village, Phatoumphone district of Champasak province. The stones and rocks using are in small size. They are not connected by [...]
Laos Architect Style Laos Culture

Laos Architect Style

Through the length of 2/3 of the country from the central to the north part, from Savannakhet province to Vientiane capital city and Luang Phrabang imperial city, every pagoda, temple, office, and house are all have unique style. They are like the traditional dance of Lamwong, which is revealed, from the hands of the female [...]
Laos Festival Laos Culture

Laos Festival

Laos is the place of festival, and there is festival in each month of the year. There are four times of Tet (New Year): Western new year, New Year of Chinese calendar (like some other Orient countries), Laos Tet (Bun Pimay in April) and H’mong Tet (December). There are other kinds of festivals such as: [...]
Laos Cuisine Laos Culture

Laos Cuisine

Lao cuisine may be little known outside the country, but it is considered one of the healthiest cuisines. This is due to its affection for fresh vegetables and herbs, which appear in almost every Lao meal. Both meat and fish are usually grilled pr steamed and as a result, the flavors are fresh and the [...]